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Ranjit Krishnamma
Ranjit has been an actor and facilitator for more than half his life. He has led The Mastery of Self Expression for around thirty years. He has also developed intensive workshops of his own including “Feeling What Is,” “Beyond the Method,” (a six week acting course) a short dramatic intensive called “Expresso,” a residential drama/development/holiday in France – “The Heart of Drama,” and an outdoor adventure week in North Wales, ”Into the Wild.”

He is a co-creator and leader of “The Space” workshop : a laboratory for emerging leaders.

Most recently he has been involved in running Circling and human connection retreats and facilitating Authentic Relating workshops internationally.

In his spare time he enjoys table-tennis, swimming, and writing fiction.

“I like to lead from a place that acknowledges the one-ness that exists beneath our conditioned minds and I encourage an individual and intense exploration of the inner world and its relationship to our daily lives. I am proud to be a part of what I believe to be some of the most effective and ethical human development work on the planet.”


Adrian Longstaffe
Adrian has worked as a teacher in more than six careers including veterinary medicine, choreography, acting training and educational technology. He graduated as a psychotherapist in 2000 and leads his own personal development workshops.

"The Mastery of Self-Expression has been a vital element in my journey. Following my first Mastery in 1982, I have assisted on more than 50 Masteries in the last 35 years. Undergoing leadership training from 1999, I gained the Diploma in Leadership of the Institute for Creativity in 2003. I have been leading the Mastery since 2005 including internationally in Canada.”

My experiences across the fields of academia, personal development and theatre have resulted in a fascination with the training of actors -- one of the few groups of people for whom the taking of emotional risk is part of the job description. Responsible acting training has so much to offer in terms of emotional intelligence for the rest of us."

"One of my aims is to enable people to walk their emotional universe with the same confidence that they walk their intellectual universe -- balancing the rational with the non-rational."

Sam Chittenden
Sam has been a senior leader in health for a number of years, through which she has coached and mentored many individuals.

She is a published and performing poet (as Beth Somerford), and is currently writing a book about creative leadership.

Sam has been involved in the Mastery workshops since 2007. In November 2008 she attended a training course for Mastery leaders in Vancouver led by Dan Fauci. Following her successful co-leadership in the recent Mastery in Bath, she is now accredited to co-lead this work.

"When I took the Mastery in 2007, I discovered a voice and a determination I didn't know I had, and this has led to my continued invovlement. I continue to be fascinated by what participants discover in the space this workshop creates."

"The Mastery of Self Expression is a weekend of exploration for everyone involved. I am always bowled over by the creativity and passion shown by participants, and by the changes they choose to make in their worlds."

Jan Castle Jan Castle
Jan is a professional coach and leadership facilitator who works with clients and businesses throughout the UK and Europe. Her varied background encompasses film making, mediation and visiting some of the most beautiful places on earth. She first became interested in our ability to create and ‘be’ without constraint in the 1990s when exploring the traditional art of the The Fool. She went on to create her own workshops such as Live Your Dream and Walking For A Change, helping people make empowering life changes.

“When I first attended The Mastery I realised I’d found a workshop that explored the ‘edge’ I experience in myself and see in others, between being a version of myself that I imagine is acceptable, and fully showing up in all my wonderful, messy, creative humanity. I am constantly moved and inspired at the workshops by what I see as the powerful key to this work: unconditional acceptance - of self, others and whatever emerges.”

What they said about the Leaders

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Change and growth takes place when a person has risked himself, and dares to become involved in experimenting with his own life.
Herbet Otto

If you are never scared or embarrassed or hurt, it means you never take chances. Julia Soul

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