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On the Edge

" absolutely wonderful, inspiring, moving, liberating, exciting....and I've only dipped into it!!"

A book about the Mastery by Christine Kimberley with foreword by Ted Danson and illustrations by Lorna Hamilton-Brown

What is it like to lead the Mastery?
48 leaders from around the world reveal their personal experience, perspective and leadership style as they each share their own unique journey to Mastery.

Including AIDS Mastery, Asperger’s Mastery and the work in Israel as well as contributions from participants and Dan Fauci himself...

I recommend this book to anyone who's ever participated in the workshop or would like to know more about it.

Dan Fauci

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Last updated 15/10/2019


"It's the Mastery on paper"

"..evocative and loving document."

"people are enthralled"

"..took me right back to my own Mastery experience"

"a beautifully realized book"